The Democrats figured out how to block emergency trump

The minority leader in the Senate Charles Schumer said Democrats will introduce a resolution to block the emergency rule of the President, trump introduced due to the fact that it was not possible to reach an agreement over the construction of the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

The bill is identical to resolution of the house of representatives will soon be represented in the Senate, “said Schumer.

The Democrats of the house of representatives with the support of speaker Nancy Pelosi will submit its resolution tomorrow, February 22.

15 February trump announced the introduction of a state of emergency after the Congress has allocated to wall only $1,375 billion, which is significantly less than the $5.7 billion requested by the President.

Resolution blocking solution trump needs a simple majority in both houses, after which she will go to the presidential table. Since the President is unlikely to sign it, because it will cancel the definitive solution, it may for the first time since I became a head of a country to use its veto.

Democrats and some Republicans argue that Donald trump is breaking the balance using a state of emergency to circumvent Congress and get the desired amount of funds on the wall.

If the state of emergency will continue, it will fundamentally change the balance of political forces. This should be a serious alarming sign for the senators, who believe that Congress can limit Executive power, under the Constitution, “said Schumer.

If all 47 Senate Democrats will vote for the decision to block an emergency, they will not last another four Republican votes. But among them may be supporters of lifting the state of emergency. For example, it is already stated Senator Susan Collins.

“I don’t know what will be the situation with a vote in the Senate, and as will be stated in the document. But if it is a vote of censure in its purest form, then I will support her”, – said Collins to reporters.

Democrats will introduce a resolution to block the state of emergency trump updated: Feb 21, 2019 author: Katerina Moskalets

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