Go on about Washington: in the state Duma commented on the introduction of new sanctions against Russia

In the state Duma decided to comment on new EU sanctions against Russian citizens allegedly involved in the case of poisoning Skrobala.

Dmitry Novikov, the first Deputy Chairman for international Affairs, said that the EU and the US continue to lead coordination on the issue of sanctions, reports RT.

Despite the problems between NATO and the EU, sanctions are in the first place and not discussed, have informed in the state Duma. At the same time, Novikov stressed that many European leaders “for” full or partial lifting of sanctions against Russia. However, there are “architects” in Washington, which insist on their continuation and even introduction of new restrictions for the Russian Federation.

According to policy, the case Sripala is still very vague and not fleshed-out. To reaffirm the solidarity of the EU with the US, and you have to go on about Washington, I’m sure Novikov.
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