Spain will hold early elections

The Prime Minister of Spain Pedro sánchez announced on Friday, February 15, on the dissolution of the Cortes Generales, and that the country will hold early parliamentary elections. Reason: the decision of Parliament to reject the draft budget proposed by the government.

New elections to the General Cortes to be held on Sunday, April 28.

Recall, February 13 MPs did not support the socialist government proposed a draft budget for 2019-th year. After that, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said about the possibility of holding early parliamentary elections.

In today disbanded the bicameral Parliament headed by the Prime Minister of the Spanish socialist workers party was represented by 84 MPs (out of 350) and 42 senators (from 266). Thus, as noted by AFP, the current Prime Minister was the lowest parliamentary representation in the history of Spain.

Prime Sanchez came to power on 1 June 2018, when the Parliament expressed no-confidence vote the right government headed by Mariano Rajoy. The vote was held after Spain’s national court issued a verdict in the case of systemic corruption in the Rajoy-led popular party which was in power since 2011.
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