Repair of charging screwdriver BOSCH AL 1814CV

BOSCH AL 1814CV screwdriver charging repair BOSCH charging was brought for repair. On the high side, transistors N3904, 4n80, fuse, diode, resistor burned out. The soldering is bad, falls off and does not solder well due to the applied varnish. I decided to power it on the high side from another power supply. Since I did not find a powerful 25-volt power supply unit, I decided to assemble a power supply unit from two 13-volt boards from some gadgets.
BOSCH AL 1814CV screwdriver charging repair I paralleled the primary, connected the secondary in series and applied a voltage of 26 volts to the power capacitor of the secondary charging circuit.
BOSCH AL 1814CV screwdriver charging repair The LED indicated readiness for charging. I put the battery on and performed a charging cycle. After finishing charging, I checked the temperature and collected everything neatly. I stuck the boards into a case that fits in size. The question/topic is automatically published in the social. site network – follow the answers there too:


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