Lolita admitted to this diagnosis of his daughter: “no Autism”

The famous performer decided to comment on speculation that her 20-year-old daughter eve’s diagnosed with autism.

Lolita gave a Frank interview YouTube-channel “And talk?”, where Palladium was frankly told that her daughter was born prematurely, reports LigaNews.

According to Lolita, the singer is still in the hospital, the doctors started to scare her diagnoses. Some doctors even persuaded to leave their daughter in the hospital.

“I was very afraid. Prematurity. It is a long time in the incubator was lying and came home like this, in which you can feed at least from the nipples. And it’s all in the hole was from the drips. It is now a common phenomenon… It two hundred kilo. They were all afraid. Delay is inevitable. When eve was born, my doctor said, not used to it yet, do it. And then in a private clinic the doctor came, and for some reason he came to me with his son, who is 10 years old. Said, looking at eve, who just lies in the cot: your child has autism,” shared Lo.

Palladium even never thought to get rid of his daughter. The singer decided to show eve another specialist.

“One friend gave of the pediatrician, normal, without all these clinics. He came, gave her a lift, she was already nine months, he is an expert on prematurity. He said it’s all equalized. Step forward, two steps back is common to all children, autism is not” – said the IBA.

As previously reported LigaNews, Lolita outraged meager pension. It is also known that lo sued because of the huge debt on a communal flat.
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