Increase doubled the minimum wage in Russia may grow

Mikhail Shmakov, Chairman of Federation of independent trade unions of Russia, said that in 2019 the minimum wage in the country can be increased in two times.

Such a statement he made in an interview to one of Russian publications, reports LIGAnews.

In his words, the Union will insist that the government has revised the method of calculation of the minimum wage and the consumer basket. According to Shmakov, today the cost of the consumer basket should be of the order of 25 thousand rubles.

A citizen of Russia on food should spend about 30% of the total wages and another 25% should go to non-food goods and services.

The head of the Union said his organization wants to amend the Labour code of the Russian Federation. They concluded that the government needs to clearly define which allowances for special working conditions must be a minimum wage.
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