“Why just so nervous”, – Zakharov to the comments of NATO regarding Putin’s speech

The West and NATO have accepted the Message to the Federal Assembly by Vladimir Putin. Particularly alarmed that part of the report, which the Russian President spoke about the new weapons.

Maria Zakharova, a spokesman for the Russian foreign Ministry, could not understand why the West was so much “nervous”, the resource LIGAnews.

In Moscow said that the Russian leader spoke about the novelties of the weapons with which the country is not to attack but to defend.

Zakharov immediately reminded NATO that in 2018 Vladimir Putin likewise talked about the innovations in weaponry. The West, however, his words are not taken seriously, saying that it was “tales” from the mouth of the President of Russia. Only when they really understand that “fairy tale” becomes a reality, sounded the alarm, said Zakharov.
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