Neanderthal left in Gibraltar last mysterious trail – photos

Scientists have talked about “miniature” settings, ancestors of mankind, which correspond to the size of the foot.

An international group of researchers managed to establish the identity of the mysterious mark left by ancient man about 30 thousand years ago in Gibraltar. According to scientists, it may belong to the Neanderthal. It is reported by Science Alert, reports the “League news Russia”.

The results of the study indicate that the species of the genus Homo disappeared later, than was considered before.

Experts analyzed the morphology of the track and used the method of optical Dating is that it allows to determine the time when the samples were last exposed to sunlight.

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The length of the foot print was 17 cm, which implies that the growth of human has reached 106-126 see the Age of the trail appreciated 28.45 thousand years plus or minus three thousands of years. It is known that in this period, modern humans have not arrived at Gibraltar.

According to scientists, the only explanation of the origin of the print is that in Gibraltar lived one of the last populations of Neanderthals.

The incident happened in front of an employee of the Park of Baiyun lake. According to him, the length of the fish was at least two meters.

In addition, researchers in the field of detection of extraterrestrial civilizations discovered an anomaly in Antarctica. Scientists said it was found in the permafrost zone of the ship, managed alien humanoids.
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