To the rich it is time to fork out

According to the survey, Hill-HarrisX, 74% of registered voters support the introduction of additional taxes in the amount of 2% for taxpayers whose wealth exceeds $ 50 million, and 3% if the asset is over 1 million.

This approach, to realize which was proposed by Senator Elizabeth Warren and several other prominent Democrats, shared by the majority of all respondents, regardless of age, sex, race, and partisanship. Thus, in particular, was 65% Republican, 69% independent 86% of Democrats, 73% of the residents of the Western States, 72% of southerners, 73% of the inhabitants of the Middle West and 78% — North-East.

In addition, a survey conducted by Business Insider and SurveyMonkey revealed that the offer Warren support 54% of Americans, against only 19%, and 15% are unable to answer, and in the course of similar studies carried out Morning Consult and Politico, the corresponding results amounted to 61, 20 and 19%.

However, many prominent figures did not agree with the Senator, and even called the proposal unconstitutional. Michael Bloomberg, who does not exclude his participation in the presidential campaign in 2020, said that such a step will lead to the fact that the rich will cover tools that will drain money out of the country, and as a result the economy will only suffer. And former chief Executive of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, called the idea outrageous Warren, suggesting that she put her only to attract the attention of the press.

However, such views are shared by other liberals. A member of the house of representatives Alexandria, Ocasio Cortes from new York proposed to set the rate at 70% on income in excess of $ 10 million. The same Senator Bernie Sanders has supported that legacy, whose total cost is more than $ 3.5 million were taxed at a rate of 45%, and more than $ 1 billion — 77%. And, according to the results of a survey of Hill-HarrisX, support, Ocasio Cortes expressed by 59% of respondents, including 45% of Republicans.
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