Andrew McCabe: the possibility of displacement of trump

The administration of Donald trump reacted harshly to the allegations of the former acting Director of the FBI’s Andrew McCabe that the leadership of law enforcement agencies of the country considered to involve an amendment to the Constitution, allowing to remove the President from office, after trump dismissed the head of the FBI James Komi.

In an interview with CBS News McCabe also said that started an investigation against the President because of fears that the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller about the relations between Russia and the election headquarters of trump may be in jeopardy if he will be fired.

The Ministry of justice, administers the FBI, called the McCabe’s “inaccurate and factually untrue”. The Ministry statement also said its inspector General found that McCabe “in several cases, not told the truth to the Federal authorities that led to his dismissal from the FBI.”

In March 2018 McCabe fired Jeff sessions, who was then attorney General. It happened shortly before a planned departure McCabe to retire, with the result that he lost pension benefits.

“McCabe was dismissed from the FBI with a complete disgrace, because a few times lied to the authorities, including under oath – said the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders. His selfish and destructive agenda has led him to open a totally unfounded investigation against the President. His actions were so shameful nature, which in his case is appealed to Federal prosecutors. Andrew McCabe has no credibility and is a disgrace to the FBI and our great country.”

Soon after he aired a fragment of an interview with McCabe, trump in his Twitter called it a “disgrace for the FBI and for our country.”

Trump also recalled the scandal that occurred during the election campaign in 2016: “Disgraced by the acting Director of the FBI’s Andrew McCabe pretends to be “poor angel,” whereas in fact he played a major role in the scandal surrounding Hillary are Liars and fabricated stories about Russia being a puppet of James Komi”.

Komi, who led the FBI investigation of the Russian intervention in the elections, was fired by trump in may 2017.

McCabe said in an interview that while the possibility was discussed to use the provisions of the 25th amendment which allows the Vice President and a majority of the members of the Cabinet declare the President unable to perform his duties and pass on his post of Vice-President.

In the end it was decided not to exclude trump. However, McCabe, at that time held the second highest position in the FBI, said that soon after he discussed with the President the resignation of the Komi Republic, he ordered to start an investigation about possible obstruction of justice on the part of trump, as well as counter-intelligence investigation on the alleged links of the President with Russia.

According to McCabe, he wanted to ensure that the investigation will not be closed when it fired.

Professor, University of North Carolina Michael Gerhardt believes that, while some may cast doubt on the motives of McCabe’s, “he launched a process that appears to be worthy of consideration in the circumstances”.

Lawyer Bradley moss, specialized pooproom national security, called the reports that the Ministry of justice have considered the possibility to use the 25th amendment, “the question of monumental importance in American history,” since the adoption of this amendment in 1967, has never held a formal vote on its application with the purpose to remove the President from power against his will. “This is an emergency measure, designed only for the most extreme circumstances, and its application is possible only if political allies and appointees of the President are willing to support it,” he notes.

Adjunct Professor, Cumberland University Aaron Coleman also notes that this situation is unprecedented, and underlines that such actions by the FBI could provoke a constitutional crisis.

In the interview, which will broadcast this past Sunday, McCabe confirmed reports that Deputy Prosecutor Rod Rosenstein appointed Muller, considered the possibility to wear a hidden microphone in a meeting with trump to record their conversations.

Although Munute insist that Rosenstein said it in a sarcastic manner, McCabe argues that at the time the proposal was taken seriously and discussed more than once.

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