Armored NATO has no chance in Russia are developing a new “tank destroyer”

The military-industrial complex of Russia conducts active work on creation of a mobile anti-missile system, which can be a serious threat to the military equipment of the Alliance.

This is stated in the material of the American edition of “The National Interest”.

According to the author, the Russian development will be a response to a similar system “Javelin”, developed in the United States. While the article notes that the emphasis in the creation of a Russian ATGM is on the penetration that can be associated with the strengthening of the armor, which is equipped with modern American tanks.

It should be noted that in the scientific and technical Committee of the Main missile and artillery Directorate of the Ministry of defence confirmed the development of new anti-tank system. According to reports, one of the key advantages will be the ease of use and to produce ammunition will be possible even in small spaces.

It is worth noting that the American system “Javelin”, entered service in 1996, is not easy because of the impressive dimensions. The Russian counterpart, which has been dubbed in the West as a “tank destroyer” should be smaller, which will allow you to use it in more challenging conditions.
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