American beer and wine found carcinogenic herbicides

Study group on the public interest of the United States (PIRGs) conducted a study whose results showed that with wine or beer in the human body get dangerous chemicals. Of 20 samples of alcoholic beverages only one is not detected glyphosate. This herbicide is used for weed control.

Scientists PIRG tested five varieties of wine, 14 Beers and one hard cider. The amount of glyphosate detected ranged from 51 parts per billion (ppb) in wine Sutter Home to its absence in the beer Peak Organic IPA.

According to the author of the study and Director of the program on Toxics PIRG Kara cook, if herbicides are used, for example, in the cultivation of barley, there is nothing surprising in the fact that their remnants can appear in beer. Many other products also contain chemicals used in horticulture. They are present even in rainwater.

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The ability of herbicides to accumulate in the body and affect cells have not been well studied, so the researchers insist on raising consumer awareness, because people need to know about the possible risks.

“The concentration of herbicides that we found, is not in itself dangerous. It is much below the level allowable by the EPA. But we don’t know what will be the cumulative effect on the human body from all of these influences throughout life,” said cook.

In his report, “from the Bottom up: pesticide glyphosate in beer and wine”, a group of researchers argues that it is a substance with a high likelihood of causing cancer. Therefore scientists require from the Agency for environmental protection a total ban on use of herbicides based on glyphosate “until until proven its safety“.

In defense of beer and wine was made by a toxicologist from Bayer, which belongs to Monsanto, William Reeves. He said that information about the residues of pesticides in foodstuffs, which publishes PIRG, “is misleading“. Reeves does not agree with some methods of the researchers. This method of measuring the level of pesticides, according to Reeves, the only acceptable for of water.

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The national trade Association Beer Institute, in turn, said that producers work with farmers who are doing their best to grow their crops safely.

“The Federal government regularly checks a variety of goods on the contents of glyphosate, recent studies have shown that using this substance farmers significantly below acceptable standards”, – said the representatives of the Association.

Scientists have discovered oncogenic herbicides in 19 samples of American beer and wines from 20 updated: February 26, 2019 author: Darina Uman
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