Lawn aeration device

Lawn aerator Aeration of the lawn is saturation with air, ventilation of the lawn. The procedure for aeration of the lawn is due to the intensive growth of the root system of the grass cover. During the season, sown cereals are able to form a highly developed root network. Intertwining with the soil, they form a dense sod that impedes the penetration of oxygen and moisture.
If the green lawn is not aerated, the compacted soil will make it difficult for oxygen to reach the roots. Excess moisture will accumulate on such a lawn. As a result, the absorption of nutrients will be hampered, which will affect the growth and development of grasses, and, accordingly, the appearance of the lawn.
To aerate the lawn, special devices are used that are worn on the legs.
This is exactly the kind of device that a home-made master offers us to make.
To make such a device, you need a 3D printer (or access to it) and ordinary laces, preferably longer.
First you need to print the parts. Just two fixtures, for the right and left leg, two parts each.
Spikes right.stlAerator Base left.stlAerator Base right.stlSpikes left.stl
Lawn aeration device Then we collect two parts.
 Lawn aerator Lawn aeration device Stretch laces through the eyelets.
 Lawn aerator We put them on our feet.
 Lawn aerator Lawn aeration device < center>


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