“Self-determination is not a crime”: in Barcelona 200 thousand people out on the street

According to police, 200 thousand people gathered on Saturday, February 16, on the streets of Barcelona for a demonstration of protest against the outbreak in Spain of the trial of the former leaders of Catalonia. They are accused of insurrection for trying to declare independence in the region in October 2017.

The demonstration was held under the slogans “self-Determination is not a crime” and “Freedom to political prisoners”.

On 12 February the Spanish Supreme court began the trial of the former leaders of Catalunya and other public figures and supporters of independence in the region.

There appeared before the court of 12 people, including the former Deputy head of the Catalan government, Oriol Junqueras, ex-Ministers of the regional government and leaders of public organizations. The main accused, former head of the administration of Catalonia (the Generalitat) Carles Pujdeme hiding in Belgium.

The defendant threatens from 7 to 25 years in prison on charges of sedition. We are talking about the events of 2017, when the government of Catalonia held on 1 October referendum on self-determination, banned by the Supreme court of Spain, and on October 27, proclaimed the region’s independence.
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