Supermoon of the year presented on crisp, clear photos – incredible scenes

Yesterday, February 19, all mankind could observe the biggest full moon of the year.

According to the publication Кorrespondent, the photo was created from 50 thousand shots, where all detail is captured the supermoon 2019, reports LigaNews.

Spectacular photos published astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy. It is known that the image resolution is 81 megapixels.

The moon approached the Earth at the closest distance, so it seemed much brighter than usual.

The distance between the Moon and Earth varies because the satellites being in an elliptical orbit, making one revolution around the planet in a month. The distance between the planet and the satellite is changing from 356 thousand kilometers to 406 thousand kilometers.

As previously reported LigaNews, the Moon collided with an unknown object. It is also known that the first “blood” moon of 2019 colorful rose above the Ground.
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