The United States recognized the Russian warship the most dangerous in the world

American expert Farley explained why this ship needs to be among the most deadly.

The military expert of the USA Robert Farley said that the most dangerous ships in the world still include a heavy nuclear-powered missile cruisers of project 1144. It is reported by The National Interest, reports the “League news Russia”.

According to the media, for decades, ships of this type can simultaneously solve several problems, including the destruction of aircraft carrier groups and combat against enemy submarines.

Russia has destroyed intended to China s-400 missiles

Farley notes that the cruisers “Peter the Great” and “Admiral Nakhimov” after the upgrade will continue to “threaten the American ships” at any point of the world ocean.

In addition, representatives of the defense Ministry of Russia responded to the protest note to the US state Department, which said the suspension of the participation of the American parties to the Treaty on the elimination of their intermediate-range shorter.
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