Germany opened the Tour of four jumps

Saturday, December 29, in German Oberstdorf opened a Tour of four jumps. The main questions asked by fans of ski jumping: will Camille Stachu third successive win in the tournament, will have impact on the Austrian national team, the absence of Gregor Scorecamera the form in which came to the competition, four-time Olympic champion from Switzerland Simon Amman and when, finally, the French “flying skiers” will begin seriously to compete with the leaders of the sport.

The most prestigious competitions in ski jumping is held annually since 1953, with the participation of the strongest jumpers of the world. As in previous years, the athletes have to overcome four competition stages: two in Germany, 29 and 30 December in Oberstdorf and 31 December and 1 January in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and two in Austria on 3 and 4 January in Innsbruck and 5 and 6 January in Bischofshofen.

Among the favorites of the Tour this year is the pole Kamil Stoch. In the past year he has gone down in history as the second after German Sven Hannawald jumper, who managed to win a Grand slam, winning all the stages of the Tour of four jumps, and finished the season with the lead in the General classification. In 2019 Stoch comes with truly Royal ambition- for the third consecutive time to become the best on Tour. In the history of the discipline, it was possible only to the Norwegian Bjorn Wirkola: he flew on his rivals on the Tour three years in a row from 1967 to 1969.

The final jump Kamila Stocha last Tour of four jumps of 137 m and the title

According to experts, Stachu unable to prevent his compatriot Peter Lived and a young Japanese man ray Kobayashi. Kobayashi’s season was up on the prize podium six times, including four times for the gold award. You will manage the 22-year-old Japanese with a voltage, will show the upcoming steps. The last winner of the Tour from the country of the rising sun was Kazuyoshi Funaki in 1998.

Until the last moment it was not clear whether to take part in a Tour of four jumps four-time Olympic champion from Switzerland Simon Amman. The beginning of the season was given to the Swiss labour on 27 and 28 December, he was forced to take part in the continental Cup in Engelberg, to defend their right to participate in the Tour. As a result, Amman has been able to confirm his champion’s status in a battle with seven compatriots.

Will not take part in the tour this year, the Austrian Gregor Clientsour. In my entire career jumper 53 times won various stages, but the last victory Sliri won in 2014 in Lillehammer. He preferred to concentrate on preparing for the world Championships to be held in February in Tyrol’s Seefeld.

If there is a winter sport in which the performances of the French athletes seem especially pale and inconspicuous, that’s for sure jumping. In 2013 he finished his career the French jumper Emmanuel Chedal, then the best Frenchman on trampolines was born in Chamonix Vincent Descombes-Savoy, but he ceased to compete in June 2018. Bronze medalist of the winter Olympics in Sochi, Colin Mattel also hanged ski boots on a nail. Lea Lemar and Lucille Mora from time to time show good results, but the readiness to compete with the best to speak clearly before.

Newspaper L’equipe explainsthat the strategy of the French coaches is to prepare a group of athletes of the same level, and not to concentrate on producing one, even a successful jumper. According to the French ski Federation, ski jumping is now professionally engaged in no more than 250 people. Annually the preparation of “flying skiers” and skiers are allocated approximately 420 thousand euros. This is two times less than the budget that is allocated to the biathlon. For comparison: in Germany on the development and preparation of jumpers from a springboard every year, we allocate two to three million euros.

Not surprisingly, the German jumpers present to their opponents a threat on the just-opened Tour. However, this time the team’s coaching staff has high hopes for Karl Geiger than his slightly more famous team-mates Severin Freund and Richard Freitag. Geiger will begin a Tour of four jumps in a little more “comfortable” conditions — the first stage of the competition will be held in his home town: a 25-year-old “flying skier” was born and raised in Oberstdorf.

The only one to represent France on a Tour of four jumps in this time, will be Jonathan Learoyd. The athlete is training in Courchevel, on the springboard, the Olympic games in 1992 and dreams of winning the world Cup. This French jumpers has not happened since the victory of Nicolas Dessy in Sapporo in 1995. According to the coaches, Learoyd quickly gaining shape and ready to compete with the strongest, but at competitions of world level he has not yet managed to land close to the medal positions. On December 15 at the world Cup in Engelberg Learoyd became the 46th.
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