Honored athlete of Russia, Plushenko underwent a major surgery

Two-time Olympic champion in figure skating Evgeny Plushenko was urgently hospitalized. The athlete already had the operation.

January 10, the athlete was in the hospital due to severe back pain. Now Evgeni Plushenko is in neurosurgical office, reports LigaNews.

Back problems, the athlete began a long time ago. Eugene already has several operations. Due to a back injury, Plushenko refused individual tournament at the Olympic Games in Sochi.

As you know, today, Plushenko has already had the operation. The athlete had a hernia operation on the spine, which is squeezing the nerve.

The figure skater’s wife Yana Rudkovskaya did not comment on how the husband feels after the operation, but said that has led to the necessary surgical procedures.

“Yevgeny Plushenko is not in the big sports, so his health is his concern and his family. But the only thing I can say, really the problem was, as Evgeni skated 30 shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and he was troubled with pain in the cervical spine, since all the shows he was doing triple jumps and elements ultra-si class. He wanted to go to Israel, but as the pain intensified, turned for help to the Russian specialist”, said the wife of the skater.

As previously reported LigaNews, discussing the first medal of the son of Plushenko in the competition. It is also known that actor Stanislav Sadalsky was in the hospital.
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