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Although bill gates and is one of the richest people in the world, he spoke in favor of raising rates for the most wealthy, though not to the same extent as it offers Alexandria, Ocasio Cortes.

In an interview with The Verge, gates did not mention the name of the Congresswoman, although it is quite clear that he was referring to her plan, which would increase the maximum income tax rate from 37% to 70%.

“The scale of taxation needs to become more differentiated, — said the founder of Microsoft. — But now there were “hot heads” who want not only to sharply raise rates, but to cancel a number of benefits. They argue a need to fight tax evasion, but as a result of this trend will only become more pronounced — the money will “leak” abroad, which, as from the reduction of opportunities to increase profits, the economy will only suffer.”

According to gates, Congress ought to raise taxes for the wealthy, but not on income but on Social Security, capital gains and real estate. Multi-billionaire once again criticized the theory that the government should not worry about increasing the deficit because the Treasury will always be able to “print out” the required amount of money. “The debts must be paid, — he concluded. And if you do not pay them honestly, you will have problems”.
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