Investigation – not for profit

The former head of the electoral headquarters of Donald trump by Paul Manafort was convicted of fraud and other crimes in a Federal court in Virginia, also pleaded guilty to other points made against him in the district of Columbia.

None of the cases the verdict has not yet followed, but Manafort previously agreed to give up part of its assets illegally obtained through lobbying activities in Ukraine.

A similar agreement team of the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller may enter into with other defendants in an ongoing investigation that has already cost about $25 million.

In particular, this is Michael Cohen, a former personal lawyer of the President; Richard gates, former Deputy Chairman of the electoral headquarters of the trump; George Papadopoulos, who was once holding the position of Advisor on foreign policy, as well as the Dutch lawyer Alex van der Zwaan, the firm which is associated with Manufactum. Although, of course, while it is impossible to guess how many they agree to pay, you can analyze how will be distributed the money of Manafort.

They claim many-including several banks and the Council of residents of the Manhattan Trump Tower condominium. We are talking about the responsibility not only of funds in investment accounts, but also real estate, in particular, a mansion in the Hamptons ($7.3 million) and apartments in the Trump Tower (3.8 million). The remaining part will state, but as you said Patrick cotter, a former Federal Prosecutor, to investigate cases involving organized crime, the amount of funds which will be transferred to the Treasury, does not play a role — the priority is to bring the perpetrators to justice before the law.

That profit is not the main purpose, I’m sure David Weinstein, who once, as a Federal Prosecutor, fought against international drug trafficking and fraud. “Such a complex investigation cost, usually more expensive, than you can get from the prisoners, he said. And if the cartels and speculators can simply confiscate, in such cases, acts more complicated system arrangements”.

In turn, the Chicago Federal Savings Bank, the chief Executive officer whose Manafort once promised a position in the administration trump seeks repayment of $16 million For this, can be sold home in the Hamptons and Brooklyn (4.1 million).

And finally, until March 8 in Federal court should receive evidence from the owner of a construction company, who claims that Manafort not paid for work carried out in his Brooklyn home, for a total amount of $585991.85 cents. The prosecution, however, argues that this requirement is unreasonable.

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