The wife of the chef: for a good cause buyers sweep the shelves of bread

Californians decided to buy all the sweet products from local Baker, so he can early to go to a sick wife.

Bakery “Donut City” in the Californian city of seal beach, California has been working for 28 years. The owners of the shop old John and Stella Chan sell delicious donuts and other sweets.

Some few days ago, the regular customers noticed that John in the store alone. A resident of the city, which is 25 years old goes here for shopping asked the owner: why not see Stella. It turned out that the poor woman was in the hospital, aneurysm. And now John, as soon as selling cakes, going to the Stella, so she wasn’t lonely.

Then, the constant shopper and the idea came to mind: if the visitors will buy up the entire stock in a short time, John will be able to leave early to Stella and to be near her longer. She sent out a message to all loyal customers of the town. The idea very much. People began to run, what to buy sweets but more for the sake of the wife of the cook. Now John released three hours earlier than usual. And once he bought all the daily cakes already by 10 am.

One of the locals even invited John to run a campaign to raise funds for treatment. But Chan refused, saying that enough money, he just wants to spend more time with Stella, writes today
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