Pakistan is ready to release the Indian pilot

Captured by Pakistani armed forces, the Indian pilot could be released as early as tomorrow.

On Thursday, February 28, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. His words are quoted by the TV channel “Geo TV”.

“We decided to let go of the captured Indian pilot tomorrow as a peace gesture,” said Khan, adding that he tried to call Indian counterpart Narendra modi on Wednesday evening to Express to him the desire of Pakistan to promote deescalate tension between the two countries. However, Imran Khan did not specify whether the place of conversation.

As previously reported, News Front, relations between India and Pakistan escalated after in Jammu and Kashmir on a convoy of Indian military attacked the militants of the Jaish-e-Muhammad. In response, the Indian air force attacked a camp of groups in the Pakistan-controlled part of Kashmir. Pakistani air force responded by hitting on Indian military installations.
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