Teenagers came up with to burn and smell the dumpsters

The greater Manchester police forced to turn to the public, the media and parents with news about the new passion for local teenagers and to help fight it. Guys set fire to street garbage containers, made of plastic and containing a lot of different chemicals and dyes, and then smell the smoke, getting drunk, are similar to those sought by people sniffing glue or some paint.

Law enforcement officers concerned in earnest. The material from which made pots, are highly toxic and can be dangerous to health than glue. It burns at a very high temperature, causing the young addicts can get burned, and even burned alive. Burning tanks can be dangerous for bystanders, as the wiring their teenagers in public places, including playgrounds.

For a short time in the neighborhood burned a lot of these tanks, most of the cases registered in the Park Longsigh. After burning for a long time in the air hear the acrid smell, which moms with kids cannot be on the playgrounds.

The police are trying to catch bullies, and recommends that parents hold explanatory conversations with the children about what to smell burning plastic is very harmful. Perhaps the trash cans will be replaced by others made of materials that are not interested in drug addicts. The owners of these containers have already recommended not to put them in an accessible, but poorly visible areas.

British Teens harness and smelling the street garbage containers updated: February 28, 2019 author: Alexander Brezhnev
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