The China syndrome: finished 69th Berlin festival

The main results and awards Berlin international film festival, which ended on the evening of 16 February, the mourning for the famous actor Bruno Ganz, who passed away on Saturday. “Golden bear” went the Israeli-French movie “Synonyms” Nadav Lapid. Grand Prix of the Berlinale was awarded to the French Director Francois Ozon for his film “Grace of God”. And Chinese intrigue and victory in Berlin in the review of the correspondent of RFI.

The closing ceremony of the Berlin film festival started on a sad note — on the back of the stage appeared a portrait of the famous Swiss and German actor Bruno Ganz, who died on this day in Zurich. Ganz starred in WIM Wenders, Volker Schlendorf, Eric Rohmer, Lars von Trier. From Wenders in “wings of desire”, he played the angel, and his last work was the role of the devil in Trier “the House that Jack built”.

What followed was not so sad, but not fun. However, it is very touching. Celebrated Dieter Kosslik, who for eighteen years worked as a Director of the Berlinale. This year’s festival was the last in his Director’s career. On the screen quickly scrolled a little film about Kosslik, and a tear is not slow to roll down his sad face. What to do — Dieter long been a lot of detractors. And 18 years old — still very much a new injection is required.

The day before the premiere of Chinese Director Zhang Yimou’s “One second”, which was to be presented out of competition and was considered one of the most anticipated films of the Berlinale, suddenly came the news that the film is screening. According to official information — technical reasons. However, there is little doubt that the scandal cost Chinese authorities, who found the classic picture runs counter to the official ideology. The official pet of the Chinese authorities, which at the time was even trusted to put the opening and closing of the Beijing Olympics, made a film about the events during the cultural revolution, and, most likely, in this film, not everyone liked the censors. That, however, for China — the usual thing. The Chairman of the jury Juliette Binoche read out from the stage a statement which expressed regret over the sudden “retirement” of Zhang Yimou, and it became clear that technical problems, few believe.

Looking ahead, I will say that the support of Chinese cinema jury expressed a strange way — having both of the actor’s prize for the actors of the Chinese film “farewell, my son” of Wang Xiaoshuai. Not bad, but very standard drama of family life against the background of the Chinese revolution that lasted nearly three hours and once again proving that people for state machines — only the object of pressure was estimated by the critics rather sluggishly – from the category of “looked – and forgotten.”

Van Zincone and the young may, the stars of Chinese cinema, who played in the movie a married couple, experienced in thirty years and three hour movie all the possible sorrows, to everyone’s surprise went on stage for “Silver bears” one after the other. And I must say, has left many dissatisfied. With all the sympathy for the actors, observers interpreted the distribution of the prizes as a move of the jury, just not very clear whom he had hurt. Except, of course, good actors, which could have something to go to, but didn’t.

“Golden bear” went to the Israeli-French movie “Synonyms” Nadav Lapid. The humour with which the Director is trying to deal with painful problems, give the film “the unbearable lightness of being” against the background of overwhelming reality. The plot of the recently demobilized Israeli by the name of Joab, comes to Paris, where he cheerfully takes on new identity. He wants in whatever was to forget Israel and become a Frenchman. Pacing through the streets of Paris, he mumbles new French synonyms, French lessons shouting the “Marseillaise” and tries to enter into a sham marriage in order to grip in their new homeland. Joab wants to shake off Israel, a delusion, a bad dream, but life, as always, is richer than any schemes.

Grand Prix of the Berlinale took with him to France, Francois Ozon for his film “Grace of God”. Like it is necessary to rejoice and exclaim, “finally!” — because Ozone never gave the festivals. But it is better to do everything on time, and the fact that the festival “prize” recognition came to the art Director for journalism and not for one of his early brilliant work.

Of course, not spared German cinema – respect for the hosts of the festival there is an unwritten rule of any festival. For best Director “Silver bear” awarded the angel of Senelec, 56-year-old German Director, who in his homeland is considered a classic, but the Berlinale is her first major festival. At first glance, a family drama about a woman left by her husband with two children, one of which is a textbook “difficult teenager”, claiming only to study the causes of human incompatibility. But the farther, the deeper, the authors penetrate into the secret currents of relationship and, it seems, do we wonder how these currents are not subject to the human brain.

The award for the script was received by the Italian Claudio Giovannesi for the film “Piranha Naples”, filmed on the eponymous novel by Roberto Saviano, writer of the famous “Gomorrah” about teenagers entering adulthood with a Kalashnikov. The operator of the incredibly beautiful Northern drama Peter Mulland “Time stealing horses” Rasmus Videbæk left with the prize “for outstanding artistic achievements”.

Someone liked this distribution of the major awards, some don’t. This is normal, it always happens. We can only state that the distribution was quite sluggish, as if it were a foregone conclusion. This, of course, wrong, but the result is like a mirror, reflected the current Berlinale — quite smooth, without explosive emotions, with no apparent powerful leader. Sort of synonyms.
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