The magazine The New Times appealed to the Supreme court of 22 million

The editors of magazine The New Times filed in the Supreme court against the decision on the fine of 22 million 250 thousand rubles, which previously “discharged” Roskomnadzor.

The complaint said “MBH media” the lawyer Vadim Prokhorov, representing the interests of magazine The New Times. Prokhorov told about what appealed also to the penalty of 30 thousand rubles with the chief editor Evgenia Albats.

The lawyer said that the complaint was filed on February 12, and now “within two weeks should be known,” will the Supreme court consider the case.

Recall, Roskomnadzor has fined LLC “New Times”, the publisher of The New Times and network edition at the end of October 2018.

As reported by the journal, the fine was issued for violation of article “Failure to submit or untimely submission to a media, the broadcaster or publisher of information on obtaining funds…”.

As reported by “the Media”, the punishment under this article of the administrative code were imposed for the violation of the law requiring notification of the receipt of money from foreign sources.

Lawyer Vadim Prokhorov then said that at the end of September 2018, the magistrate returned it to administrative proceedings due to expiration of Statute of limitations, the Prosecutor’s office appealed the decision, but “everything was going very slowly up until 22 October, when the “echo of Moscow” hosted the broadcast with Eugenia Albats (opposition politician) Alexey Navalny”.

On 25 October, the Tverskoy district court reversed the decision of the magistrate and returned the administrative case for a new trial.

Discharged the next day to a fine of 22 million 250 thousand rubles, became the largest for all history of the Russian media.

In early November, Yevgenia Albats has announced the collection of donations for its payment. The necessary sum was collected via the Internet for four days.

Later the fine was paid.

Commenting on the news that the magazine could use crowd funding to raise the same amount, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, “the editors congratulated,” but urged “to ignore the emotions.” The amount of the fine is “huge, really,” but it “is designed strictly for compliance with applicable law, when committed a certain violation of the law on the part of the publication”, — assured the representative of the Russian President.

In mid-November the editorial Board appealed the decision on the penalty in the Tver district court, then, at the end of January 2019, in the Moscow city court, but was refused in both instances.

In case of refusal of the Supreme court The New Times will have the opportunity to appeal to the European court of human rights.
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