He couldn’t tell the kids about the divorce: “all Shifted to the shoulders of their moms”

Famous producer and musician Konstantin Meladze told Frank the details of the divorce with the first wife.

Konstantin Meladze in the program “Vласть vs Vлащенко” told how he secretly dated a famous singer and today with his beloved wife Vera Brezhneva, reports LigaNews reference Star.Hit.

The producer also admitted that the children about the breakup confessed to his wife, he could not do.

“I did not explain to children the reasons for the divorce, all shifted to the shoulders of their mother, it was hard, even though they are smart – would understand”, – said Konstantin.

It is known that Meladze from the marriage with Jana Amounts were born two daughters, Alice and Leah, and son Valery.

Now the producer is happily married to Vera Brezhneva: “Journey among women over, I found one. Very worried about friends who are getting divorced, remember what it feels like”.

As previously reported LigaNews, daughter Meladze not want to “use” the name of the father. It is also known that Vera Brezhnev boasted expensive gifts on his 37th birthday.
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