In the world, the possible emergence of a new religion: the Vatican presented the logo of chrislam

Residents of one of the most prosperous States decided on the creation of new beliefs.

As it was established, the initiative belongs to the Council of elders of the Muslims from the UAE. The main destiny of this event is to instil tolerance, the suppression of radical movements and the machinations of terrorist organizations. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Before the Vatican issued a fragments of an unidentified tribe.

Also attracted the attention of experts arriving at the conference, called chelovecheskoe Bratstvo, the presence of Pope Francis. Some time after this event in the Vatican began preparations for the pilgrimage of the Pope to Morocco. It is known that for this purpose we created the logo, collected from fifty different options.

In the above rendered image, you can discern the shapes of high-tech cross, with a rounded Crescent moon, which is inherent in the Islamic religion. Yellow and white colors refer to the Vatican, while red and green – Islam. The symbols of cross and Crescent represent the unity of Christianity and Islam, which will help to resolve the relationship between Christians and Muslims.

It is not excluded that a similar logo was created for the dissemination of the new religious movements chrislam.
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