“The door for diplomacy is still open”

The signing in

1987 of the INF Treaty between the USA and the USSR became a sensation. Today, the United States is convinced that Russia violates the Treaty. On termination of the agreement and its consequences journalist of the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung Matthias Kolb spoke with the Deputy Secretary General of NATO, rose Gottemoeller.

If you can still save the INF Treaty, the pillar of European security architecture? The US and NATO have made it clear that the door for diplomacy was still open. Washington is ready to withdraw its decision to suspend participation in the Treaty for six months if Moscow would respect the agreement by destroying the missiles. But what makes me sad is that President Vladimir Putin said that he no longer wants to focus on diplomacy. Now we have to discuss how NATO will adapt to the new Russian missiles. While we have no intention to stay in Europe, new nuclear weapon system ground-based.

Concerning the Russia of the presentation of the cruise missiles 9M729, the interlocutor of the edition noted that the event was “quite funny”. The Russian rocket was in the container. Judging by the photos, the people could not approach it close and make detailed photos and drawings. To ask questions was also prohibited. It all was probably conceived as a measure to build confidence, but it failed.

Answering a journalist’s question about why on the basis of the ABM of the USA in Romania do not allow the inspection, the Deputy Secretary General of NATO stressed that “the United States has provided Russia with detailed information about the system” and that “the Aegis Ashore system in Romania, which will soon be placed in Poland, is intended to protect NATO from Iranian missiles, not Russian.” Besides there placed interceptor missiles clearly do not fall under the INF Treaty, said the interlocutor of the edition.

Of the more than 30 meetings with Moscow was violating the INF Treaty discussed, 25 have gone under Obama. But I’ll be honest: I was disappointed that problem for a long time was perceived by society. So I am glad that the government is promoting trump’s diplomatic work begun by Obama.

“I hope the public realizes that for years, Russia has undermined the foundations of the Treaty, said rose Gottemoeller. – The agreement has no value, when one of the parties neglects them and abuses trust. (…) The allies conducted their own evaluation with the participation of special services and share the opinion of Washington that 9M729 violates the Treaty.”

However, the NATO Deputy Secretary General hopes that the INF Treaty can be saved by the involvement of other countries. This is a simple strategic rationale: these cruise missiles are very accurate and you can barely detect with radar, they were flying extremely fast at low altitude and leave little time for response. (…) China, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Iran probably are not interested to be under threat of medium-range missiles. Therefore, as in the case of Russia in the 1980-ies, it is in their interest to limit these missiles.

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