Telangana government ignores HC, tweaks COVID-19 figures

Hyderabad: On Monday, the Telangana health department, and the state government, yet again received an earful from the Telangana High Court over Covid-19 management. Earlier in the day, however, the health department tweaked its daily Covid-19 bulletin yet again, this time removing the information on the number of Covid-19 patients advised to be in isolation.

This is not the first time that the health department has made changes to the bulletin, or the information provided in it, or the format in which the information is provided.

Earlier this year, in what now appears to be a very premature move, the department decided to suspend the daily publication of the bulletin saying the cases were too few. This plan was withdrawn after just one day after the High Court pulled up the government over the move.

With each passing day, with the Covid-19 cases increasing by leaps and bounds, the number of people, who are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic and need to be in quarantine is rising.

However, there are increasing reports from all districts that such Covid-19 patients are not following the official ‘advise’ to stay put at home, unless they require hospitalisation.

The government on its part, had already declared that it will not set up containment zones and will only have ‘micro-containment’ — a house or an housing complex with cases — with advise to the residents to stay put inside.
It is to avoid questions on what is being done to keep such persons in strict isolation that the data on the number of people in isolation was removed from the bulletin, it was learnt.

Isolation cases on the rise

Date:         Isolation cases
April 12:     16,118
April 13:     16,892
April 14:     18,685
April 15:     20,215
April 16:     22,118
April 17:     24,156
April 18:     25,093



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