“Code word” saved a girl from a pedophile

10-year-old girl was playing near the house when it was approached by a man and said that the family misfortune, and it should help.

Daughter Brenda James from Arizona (USA) walked together from the likes of her 10-year-old girlfriends near the Park. At some point it was approached by a man in a white SUV and tried to lure in the car.

Thus the man, who apparently is a pedophile, began to tell the little girl a scary story about the fact that her brother had an accident, and she must go with him to help the poor. Then the girl asked the man to call a “code word”. It turned out that the parents just in case came up with for their children a “code word”. His children have to ask strangers when they approach them with some requests. So because the kidnapper did not know the word, I realized that any scenario he doesn’t get the girl. He turned around and left.

The girl’s mother told police that she and her husband and children came up with the password in case of dangerous situations when they approach strangers, but she even could not imagine that her daughter will have to use it.

– We came up with a code word, and this time it saved my daughter’s life. I never thought that she would have to use it, but proud that she remembered him and did it, – said Brand edition of Daily Mail.

Girlfriend told police that the man a few times around the Park before settling around girls. They also drew attention to the fact that he used to cover his face, that he couldn’t see.

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