Pump suction mud filter (modernized)

Sump filter for pump suction (modernized) Drilled a hole for limestone, there was a problem – it sucks pieces of lime up to about 3-4 mm in diameter and they get stuck in the valve, as a result, it wedges and after turning off the pump the water flies into the well.
Sump filter for pump suction (modernized) Delivered I have a 1-inch oblique mud filter on my well with PND32. As a result, I had a capacity of just over 20 l/min. After installing the filter, the pump began to deliver in the area of ​​a bucket of water per minute, that is, the productivity dropped by 50-60 percent.
What I've done. I had another filter, external, which is put on the valve and is immersed in the well. On this filter, the mesh is much larger. I took it off, cut it, twisted it and inserted it into the oblique filter instead of the standard one. As a result, the performance almost does not drop, maybe 10 percent! The pump pumps at least 20 l/min, the filter perfectly catches these limestone stones and even a certain percentage of sand.
Here is such an operating time, maybe someone will come in handy.
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