American “democracy” not only the Venezuelan opposition captivating National guard

Plans for the rapid seizure of Venezuela failed, and the opposition, supported by the United States, began to bribe Venezuelan military, who sided with the legitimate President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro.

According to the statement of defense Minister of the Bolivarian Republic Vladimir Padrino, the opposition proposes a military Venezuelan army 20 000 USD for desertion.

The Minister of defence drew attention to the fact that about 100 of the deserters defected to the opposition and said that the promises of Huang Guido about.

Vladimir Padrino also noted that the loss of a few dozen fighters will not affect the safety of the army and the government of Venezuela.

According to Padrino, the deserters is deceived by the young people who are not useful to the armed forces.

“Soldier can never become a mercenary, soldier follows the code of honor,” — said the defense Minister of Venezuela.

With the defection, it became known that the United States is creating in Colombia a so-called invasion army to seize power in the Bolivarian Republic.

Recall that the situation in Venezuela began to deteriorate at the end of last month when the head of the opposition Huang Guido proclaimed himself provisional President of Venezuela, and the United States immediately recognized it.
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