Instead of the Minsk agreements: the OSCE has announced a new plan to resolve the conflict in the Donbass

Instead of the Minsk agreements will be developed a new plan to resolve the situation in the East of Ukraine. It will be a joint mission of the UN, OSCE and the EU.

This statement was made by Martin Sajdik, the special representative of the OSCE office in Minsk, in an interview with Kleine Zeitung.

He said that the Minsk agreement are not ideal, and to hold local elections that would satisfy all DNR-LNR just need outside assistance, the resource LIGAnews.

Sidik hinted that such an election could be organized by the UN. The new plan must be approved by the representatives of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany. A preliminary version of the new agreements were announced at the end of December in Minsk.

While the UN and the OSCE will work together, and the EU will work on the creation of the Agency, helping to restore the Donbass. This Agency will directly operate with the UN and the OSCE, and its functions will be extended to the whole territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Sidik said that the biggest problem of the Minsk agreements that have not ratified them, neither in Ukraine nor in Russia.

The OSCE insists that the UN peacekeeping mission in the Donbass, there are about 20 thousand people.
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