Paris is calling Belarusians to visit

Last week Minsk was visited by the leaders of the Paris tourist industry, the French capital is expanding its tourism market. Belarus? Why not.

The French Ambassador to Belarus, Didier Canesse, called business workshop in Minsk for tourism professionals between Belarus and France is unprecedented.

“Tour of Paris delegation arrived in Belarus for the first time to meet with industry professionals. The delegation is composed of 15 representatives of the Paris tourist industry. The goal is to establish business contacts and to promote the French capital as the destination for Belarusian tourists,” — said the diplomat.

In the delegation — representatives of five hotels (Le Belmont, Mayfair, Plaza Elysees, Le Mathurin, Paris Marriott Champs-Elysees), in the industry of entertainment and attractions (tourist boats Bateau Mouche, the musée grévin, the castle of Fontainebleau, Crazy Horse cabaret, excursions Extrapolitan, cooking school Cordon Bleu), industry of shopping (Galeries Lafayette, outlet One Nation Paris), perfumery and beauty (Molinard, Groupe Monge).

Patricia Barthelemy (Barthelemy Patricia), Director of advancement Office of tourism and congresses of Paris, told journalists that earlier the main markets were the Asian in General, Japanese and Russian. Now the Office is under the target audience considers the whole, according to Barthelemy, “English speaking world”. To Minsk, the delegation has already visited Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Almost ten-Belarus can add the tourists to the great flood of Paris, says Patricia Barthelemy.

Patricia barthélemy: “This has a very positive effect. We for the first time in Minsk, we are talking about market research, about the sounding. We are confident that after this visit, the number of visitors to Paris from Belarus will increase. The two main factors that affect the influx of guests, is air transportation, the number of flights that are out of the country to Paris during the day or week, and the second factor is the issuance of visas. I would like to thank the Ambassador — after talking with him I came to the conclusion that both of these factors are present in Belarus and work for us.”

The French Ambassador promises to continue the “politics of hospitality”.

Didier Canesse,: “We do pay great attention to our visa Department. Typically, a visa to France is issued for two days — rarely there are exceptions. In our visa office there is no queue. I really must insist that visitors take kindly always, in any case. And we certainly will continue this policy of hospitality in the attitude of the Belarusians who want to visit France. We also give, whenever possible, a multiple-entry visa, but there are conditions that must be fulfilled. Last year we gave more than 12 thousand visas. This is significantly less than the number of Belarusians who visited France, because there are people who visit France with Schengen visa which can be issued by another country. You need to consider that, as I explained, more and more Belarusians now have a multiple-entry visa”.

According to the French guests, views of Paris only as the capital of luxury and for people with a large purse is a stereotype that must be destroyed.

Patricia barthélemy: “of Course, the luxury segment is very important in Paris, including visitors from Russian-speaking countries. Anyway, in Paris we have a chance to submit all segments for any purchasing power. You can find a lot of offers for people with average incomes and poor people. Paris opened for a diverse clientele — from business to children and adolescents. Paris is trying to position itself as the capital of the luxury segment. But Champs are really changing, has opened the Apple Store opens Sofitel with pool, with SPA and hotel Fouquets Barriere. But there’s no specific clientele with specific income, we accept any level of income. There are tourists who arrive by cars, trains, fly on airplanes, there are students, there are those who come for some kind of internship is very diverse clientele”.

Director of regional office National Agency for development of tourism in France “France Ho” (Moscow) Inessa Korotkova stresses that democratization of tourism does not mean a loss of quality of tourism services.

Inessa Korotkova: “Indeed, there are certain clichés that Paris, France is an expensive direction. There is a certain democratization of education tourism in the world almost half a billion tourists. This democratization, of course, also occurs in France, this process differs in that it goes into one foot, to increase the quality is also very important.”

Representatives of the French delegation stressed that the Paris is very convenient for Hiking and popularize such a view of exploring the city.

Patricia barthélemy: “Paris is a city that is best to discover on foot. In Paris, there are professionals who organize Hiking, to some extent we can even talk about walking. For example, three to five hours to explore the handicraft of looking at small manufacturing, workshops manufacturing hats, gloves. One of the chips of the current Hiking the theme of “Paris for Parisians”. Here it is about to go beyond the normal tourist trail and discover everyday Paris everyday. In particular, it may be to lunch or dinner with the Parisians. It may, of course, to go very far.”

Belarusians were also interested in the issue of the security of Paris. The protests of “yellow jackets” is the title of the Parisians, the government is committed to the safety of the guests of the city were secured, said Patricia Barthelemy.

Patricia barthélemy: “of Course, these demonstrations happen — we have no way to ban them. They occur under the supervision of government agencies and the Prefecture of Paris”.

Last year, France was visited by 90 million tourists, the third part of the flow is in Paris. According to the French Ambassador Didier Kanessa, annually, France is visited by 20-30 thousand Belarusians.
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