“Gazprom” will sue Chechnya for debt relief

Russian gas company decided to appeal the last court ruling about debts of inhabitants of the Chechen Republic.

Representatives of affiliated units of the state company “Gazprom” – “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz terrible” – appealed the decision of the Zavodskoy district court of Grozny, according to which she needs to forgive debts for gas in the amount of 9 billion rubles. reports radio station ““reports LIGAnews.

According to the source, the decision of Factory district court of the company “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz terrible” filed an appeal. This decision meant the withdrawal of the Chechen Republic debt.

It is known that on Friday, January 18, the Prosecutor’s office of the Chechen Republic announced the recognition by the court of the debt of inhabitants of the Republic hopeless before the “daughter” of “Gazprom”, which requires cancellation. It happened against the background of the lapse of time and potential protests.

However, knowing about it, Kiev is taking steps for recovery of penalty funds awarded by the court of first instance, with Gazprom, which is a violation of international law.
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