Nibiru Apocalypse, but in Europe, spoke about the dangers of that terrible planet killer

Experts have told that can happen with the Earth in the case of external “attacks”.

Recently scientists have suggested that the collision of the planet Nibiru and the death of the Earth will occur on February 23, with the result that the Apocalypse will come and humanity is waiting for death. However, the European space Agency issued a warning about the existing chance of falling space object called 2018XB4. Despite some divergence in opinion, both cases are alarming conspiracy. About it reports “Russian Dialogue“, reports the “League news Russia”.

According to media reports, a very large asteroid could enter the atmosphere of the Earth. The probability of this event is 1 to 7000. Now this celestial body is in fifth place in the list of the most dangerous, and in 2017 it was located at the 10th position of the ranking.

Diameter 2018XB4 – 70 m. According to estimates, concurred in by NASA scientists, disaster will happen in 2092.

Scientists stumbled upon a UFO tall with a 12-storey building in the rocks of Antarctica

The second real threat to the existence of our planet is the asteroid called Apophis with a diameter of 400 m. Earlier it was considered a planet killer Nibiru, now he got the nickname monster from outer space.

Astronomers have calculated that in 2029, it will be as close to Earth – at a distance of 38 thousand kilometers. Another probable date of the Apocalypse – April 13, 2036.

Opinion about the approach of Nibiru expressed ufologists from the International Federation for the study of the paranormal and UFOlogy, deciphering the manuscript from the tomb in the pyramid of Cheops.

Astrologer Vlad Ross notes that the collision of Nibiru and Earth in this day can hardly wait, but it is likely that there was a plane crash, or gets hit by a meteorite.

In addition, experts in the field to reveal the impact of global warming on Antarctica have drilled a hole in the ice shelf Filchner, which reaches a depth of 650 metres. Following this, the researchers lowered into the borehole camera, resulting in footage reminiscent of the plot of the book and the movie “journey to the center of the Earth.”
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