A few years before the Terminator

Scientists believe that only a few years separate us from the creation of killer robots. They call to stop the projects to create controlled artificial intelligence weapons before it is too late.

The late Stephen Hawking warned about the possibility of a scenario of “Terminator”, other prominent scientists agree with him and call for a global ban on the development of killer robots, especially AI-controlled. Their initiative to join Human Rights Watch and 88 other non-governmental organizations, reports BBC News. They warn that Autonomous robots might fail and kill innocent people. Or just start killing everyone.

Experts also are concerned who will be liable if these types of weapons will cause the death of innocent people. “The transfer of authority for the killing machine is not justified and is a violation of human rights, because the robots are not moral agents and therefore cannot be responsible for making decisions about life and death,” believes new York-based philosopher Peter Asaro.
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