Borrowers show responsibility

Rising property prices and increasing interest rates were the main reasons that in the IV quarter of 2018 the amount of mortgages issued by socraties according to the Federal reserve Bank of new York to is 401.5 billion compared to 445,3 billion for the previous 3 months.

This figure was the lowest for the period from I quarter of 2016, and the total amount for the year — 2014. But the amount of loans taken by motorists, showing a steady increase since 2010, and in 2018 reached a record high of 584 billion dollars.

It should be noted that credit for the purchase of a new car issue mainly people with a high rating in the fourth quarter among those with whom he is more than 760 points, owned about 30% of new borrowers, while “risk” is only 22%. The total debt increased by 32 billion dollars, to 13.54 trillion, and fourth quarter was the 18th in a row when they observed similar dynamics.

This should not cause concern, because Americans fulfill their financial obligations. For all types of credits 95.4% of borrowers, and their share is consistent with what was observed before the recession. If in the first quarter of 2010 were past due 90 days or more payments of 8.89% of the mortgage loans, in the fourth quarter of 2018, this figure fell to 1.06%. Now, compared to derecesini period, decreased the number of overdue autocad (about a 4.47%), but the truth, among those whose rating is less than 620 points, this indicator exceeds 8%.
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