Why States challenged the state of emergency imposed by trump

16 States – California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, new Jersey, new Mexico, new York, Oregon, Virginia and attorney General of Michigan filed a lawsuit against the President of trump and high-ranking members of his administration.

The plaintiffs argue that, contrary to the will of Congress, the President used “the pretext of artificially created “crisis” associated with illegal immigration, declaring a state of emergency”. The document States that the Federal funds allocated for combating drugs, for military construction, and initiatives in law enforcement, and will now be aimed at the construction of the wall on the border of USA and Mexico. The construction of the wall along the southern borders of California and new Mexico will cause irreparable damage to the natural resources in those States.

“As the President, in emergency situation it was not necessary”, – said in the lawsuit. – “The data the Federal government to prove that the southern border there is no emergency that justifies the construction of the wall”.

The plaintiffs also cite data from customs and border protection showing that illegal border crossing is at a minimum. “The state Department acknowledges that there is not enough reliable evidence that terrorists are using the southern border to enter the United States. Federal data confirms that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than Americans born in the USA”, – stated in the lawsuit.

Last week the human rights organization Public Citizen and the Center for biological diversity filed separate lawsuits in U.S. district court in the us capital, claiming that the state of emergency trump is unconstitutional.

Last Friday, another human rights group “Citizens for responsibility and ethics” has filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of justice, accusing him that it has not provided legal opinions related to the decision of the President to declare a state of emergency in the country.


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