How to watch today’s Apple event live

Apple is about to hold its first major event of the year, with a new iPad, iMac and more expected to be announced.

A whole host of products are rumoured to be released at the event. You can find a full rundown of them here.

But we won’t know exactly what they are until Apple takes to the stage – only virtual, this time – to reveal the new products.

That will happen at 10am local pacific time, or 6pm in the UK.

The full event will be live streamed online by Apple, as well as being covered live here on The Independent.

Apple makes watching the event a lot easier these days. In the past, the company would require people to watch it through its own devices, but it can be watched just about everywhere and on everything now.

Perhaps the easiest way to do so is on YouTube, which can be accessed by just about any device with an internet connection and the site also offers the useful feature of getting a notification when the stream goes live. That live stream can be found below:

Apple will also be offering the live stream through its own channels. That includes the devoted Apple events page, as well as a listing inside the Apple TV app on all of its devices, including its television boxes.

The Apple events page also offers the option to add the event to your calendar, so that a notification will arrive when it is about to start.

All of those streams – as well as any others that appear on Twitter or elsewhere – will be the same video, and broadcast at the same time. There is no real advantage in terms of the video itself to watching on Apple’s own channels.

You can follow our live coverage of the event here.


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