In the U.S. Congress to put Kim Jong-UN: thirst of a coup is costly for Washington

The second summit of the US-DPRK failed and this is not surprising, because the North Korean leader is not so stupid to abandon the only reliable means from a favorite practice of the Americans to overthrow the government.

This told us Congresswoman Tulsi Ms. Gabbard, the TV channel Fox News.

According to her, over the last six years, influential members of Congress repeatedly promoted the country’s foreign policy, aimed at armed coups in other countries. However, she stressed that we are talking about the Democrats and the Republicans.

“They believe that the United States is a “world policeman”, which is to destroy dictators or countries that we are unwanted. But in this we Americans lose trillions of dollars, damaging countries that are at war, and, incidentally, undermine its national security,” says Ms. Gabbard.

It is not surprising that Pyongyang holds in its nuclear Arsenal, because it may be almost the only remedy that will stop the “American invasion” aimed at the change of government, she continued: “there is No reason to be surprised. It’s all politics coups, her, again, to promote the authority of the American foreign policy elite of both parties.”

Ms. Gabbard said they had and she believed such method is reasonable, but just look at the events of the last twenty years to understand American methods do not give results. “It didn’t work even once, but no one even pays any attention how bad it was impossible”, — she stated.
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