Cohen: maybe the whole family trump was involved in a deal with Russia

Today, February 27, a former personal lawyer of President Michael Cohen, who confessed to fraud, is testifying before a Committee of the house of representatives. The lawyer confirmed under oath all charges that were heard earlier in the address of trump.

During the hearing the member of the house of representatives , Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democrat from Florida, asked did a son, a daughter and son-in-law of the President in the Trump Tower project, Moscow.

The company was involved in the deal, it meant that the whole family could be involved, “said Cohen.

Wasserman Schultz continued: “If trump, his daughter Ivanka and son Donald Jr. was involved in the transaction, regarding the Russian “trump tower”, is it possible that the whole family was in a conflict of interest or have been compromised by a foreign enemy for several months before the election?

Cohen replied in the affirmative.

Ex-lawyer confirmed that he practiced the tactics of “Catch and kill”, because it was profitable Trump (this is the method when a publication buys the rights to the story and then never publishes to protect someone’s interests).

I participated in several of these episodes of “Catch and kill”. But these agreements existed between David Pecker and Mr. trump long before I started working on it in 2007, “said Cohen.

The statement of the lawyer we are talking about the head of American Media and a longtime friend of President Packer. On the eve of elections in 2016, the Wall Street Journal reported that he paid ex-star of Playboy Karen Mcdougal $150 thousand for his silence about their relationship with the future President. Later it became known that trump was involved in a conversation about it.

Testifying under oath before a Committee of the house of representatives, Cohen, as expected, has accused trump of “racism“.

According to the lawyer, he heard the President said that blacks “will never vote for him because they are too stupid“. And when they passed through a “hblagopoluchniy district” in Chicago, trump said “that can only live black, “says Cohen.

The President earlier denied the accusations of racism and said that “never used such statements“.

Michael Cohen also said that trump inflated their assets to get into the list of the richest people of Forbes, but at the same time reduced them to reduce real estate taxes.

For more than ten years, Cohen was a key person in the company Trump Organization and in the political life of trump.

Cohen: maybe the whole family trump was “compromised” by Russia for several months before the election updated: February 28, 2019 author: Katerina Moskalets

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