Doctors advise to make a vaccine against measles. Old vaccinations may not work

Dr. buchinsky, Director of the Medical center in Bicuda, urging people not only to be vaccinated against measles, but also to check the validity of the old vaccinations. Those born in the late 1950s and 1960-ies, may need another vaccination, even if they got it in childhood.

This vaccine was not as effective as the current MMR. As a result, people could be vaccinated, but they have no immunity, “he told WJW .

I strongly recommend, if you go to the district, the County or city where there is a growing incidence of measles, check your blood for antibodies to the disease, so you knew exactly what you have immunity, “says Roy buchinsky.

In the US, a growing number of cases of measles that were once considered eradicated. This year the disease was registered in ten States. Most cases in the States of new York, Illinois, Texas and Washington. The overall increase in incidence over the year was 559% (from 120 to 791). Doctors say that the guilty visitors, tourists and travel. They claim that people are infected with the disease outside the country and distribute it in the United States. Officials of the Centers for disease control recommend vaccination or check before you travel abroad.

Kids UN Agency on Friday narrowed down the list of threats, where you can get the measles, saying that only 10 States were responsible for three-quarters of the global increase in incidence in the past year. This list is one of the richest countries in the world – France, as well as Ukraine, the Philippines, Brazil, Serbia, Albania, Liberia, Georgia, Yemen, Montenegro and Greece. Measles is more contagious than tuberculosis or Ebola, but it can be prevented with a vaccine that costs pennies.

Symptoms can vary from fever, joint pain to rashes. It can affect the nervous system and cause encephalitis. Measles is not just the discomfort from the rash on the body, it can lead to serious complications, “- warn doctors and urge all parents to vaccinate their children.

In some States, commenced the legislators, they are preparing solutions to help parents to vaccinate children. For example, in Texas, where he registered 8 cases of measles, the Legislature is considering a bill that would facilitate parents access to vaccination for children in schools.

In relative safety, those who were born before 1956, they were exposed to the measles virus, so they have immunity.

Doctors advise urgently vaccinated against measles and to check the validity of the old vaccinations updated: March 2, 2019 author: Alexander Brezhnev
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