France and Britain refused to be repatriated jihadists from Syria

France and Britain refused to return to Europe, its citizens suspected of having links with the group “Islamic state” in Syria. In Paris and London noted that jihadists should be tried there, “where they committed crimes”. So representatives of European countries responded to the request of the President of the United States Donald trump: before he said that the us government can release the prisoners of the jihadists from custody after the withdrawal of troops from Syria.

The Minister of justice of France, Nicole Berube stressed that the authorities will continue to consider separately the case of each jihadist, returned from Syria. “The geopolitical situation has changed, but our policy remains the same. We are ready to change the situation, but yet won’t respond to the request of the United States. Jihadists who return from Syria are brought to justice,” said the Minister in interview to TV channel France 2.

The Secretary of state of France, Laurent Nunez stated that the French courts are ready to handle cases of suspected terrorists. “Now this situation has a special context — the United States withdraw its troops from Syria. This obliges us to consider all scenarios, including the return [of French citizens to Syria], he said in comments to BFM-TV. — I don’t mean that it will happen. But if the jihadists return to France, they will be prosecuted”.

In October 2018, the sources of RFI reported that French authorities do not plan to support the French jihadists who seek to leave the territory of Syria. “Those who committed crimes in Iraq and Syria, should be tried in Iraq and Syria,” — said in a diplomatic office. However, French diplomats were ready to repatriate children in Syria.

According the French interior Ministry in Syria and Iraq there are about 680 of the French who left to fight on the side of the “Islamic state”. Since the conflict began from the territories controlled by the militants, has returned more than 250 people.

In London said that the return of captured jihadists could pose a threat to national security. “Soldiers who are foreign nationals should be tried in those regions where they have committed a crime, if possible. […] The government will do everything to ensure the security of the UK,” said Theresa may.

Earlier in a statement Donald trump reacted to the German government. The foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that the repatriation giachetto may be “extremely difficult”: the Syrian authorities do not provide other countries with the information necessary to conduct an investigation against the suspects in cooperation with the “Islamic state”.

Every German citizen has the right to return to their country. We can accept the jihadists back just in case, if in Germany they prosecuted, and for this we need information, which we are not yet providing.
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