Party Rules do not give accreditation RT and Sputnik

The French party of the presidential majority “Go Republic!” will not provide accreditation to employees of Russian state media and RT, Sputnik lighting for the European Parliament elections. This statement was made on Friday, February 15, the Director of the party’s election campaign Stephen Segura.

“We are not it is accredited neither Russia Today nor Sputnik lighting our campaign” because “it’s not the media, and the propaganda organs in the service of the Kremlin,” said Stefan Segura in an interview with the newspaper Le Monde. “They should not be equated to the media, who check and compare the information”, — said the representative mokronowski party.

“Russians spend more than a million euros every month,” the spread of “fake news”; “it is the European and world propaganda tool, which we are concerned, and the practice which has conquered our opposition,” said the party functionary.

In turn, the French edition Sputnik commented on the news under the title “the Party of Emmanuel Macron strikes again Sputnik ahead of the European elections.”

“During the year, journalists Sputnik and RT in France regularly denied accreditation in the French Ministry of foreign Affairs. They do not receive accreditation to attend the events organised by the Elysee Palace and French ministries,” the commentary said, citing the statement of the chief editor of Sputnik France Natalia Novikova, claiming that “it poses a double threat to Russian journalists covering demonstrations in Paris.”

We will remind, in may 2017, French President Emmanuel macron during the first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly called RT and Sputnik, “bodies lying propaganda”. The announcement was made during a joint press conference, the Russian President did not answer him.
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