Died famous Hollywood actress Lisa Seagram

The actress has died on 83-m to year of life.

About the terrible tragedy reported the publication The Hollywood Reporter. It is known that actress Lisa Seagram died 1 February 2019, but this became known only now, reports LigaNews.

According to the publication, recently she was in a specialized facility for elderly in Burbank after a long illness. Seagram nine years of struggling with dementia.

Actress became famous thanks to roles in television series like “Batman”, “Justice Burke” and “My wife spelled me”. She also starred in such films as “Two thousand years later,” the “Bigwigs”and “Caprice”.

As previously reported LigaNews, the most iconic model of the 90s Pantushenkova died of cancer. It is also known that due to a serious illness died theater and film actress guranda Gabunia.
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