The meeting of Russia, Ukraine and the EC on gas-Naftogaz of Ukraine announced a reduction of the amount of the claim to “Gazprom”

Side of the meeting – Russia, Ukraine, the European Union raised the issue of gas transit.

Executive Director of the Ukrainian state-owned company Yuriy Vitrenko said that “Naftogaz” is ready to reduce the amount of the claim to “Gazprom” in case of signing of a new transit contract. Also, on Monday, January 21, in Brussels held a trilateral meeting of Russia, Ukraine and the European Commission on gas transit. It is reported LIGAnews.

According to Vitrenko, the claim amount will be reduced from us $ 12 billion. to two. He added that two billion is the share of costs that cannot be covered by the current rate, even without accelerated depreciation the GTS.

Vitrenko believes that if Ukraine will remain a transit after 2019, “Naftogaz” will start the calculation of the so-called normal depreciation by taking into account the residual period of use of the Ukrainian GTS, which is approximately 15 years. And in the event of termination of transit, “Naftogaz” will accrue “accelerated depreciation”.

Part in a trilateral meeting of Russia, Ukraine and the European Commission on gas transit will take:

According to media reports, during the meeting the parties do not intend to discuss gas supplies to Ukraine after 2019. We will focus on the transit issues.

In addition, the leadership of the Ukrainian “Naftogaz” States that in the Netherlands arrested all of the assets of the Russian “Gazprom” to pay Kiev $ 2.6 billion.

On his official Twitter page “Naftogaz” reported that in the Netherlands began to execute the decision of the Stockholm arbitration court regarding the payment of the Ukrainian party compensation in the amount of $ 2.6 billion.
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