“Not ruled out poisoning from the side,” Rynska about death Malashenko

It is not excluded that of the political scientist Igor Malashenko “killed” grueling divorce process with Elena Pivovarova.

This opinion was voiced by Bozhena Rynska on his page in the social network, reports “Russian Dialogue“.

On the night of February 25 in Spain in own house was found the body of 64-year-old Russian Igor Malashenko. What actually happened to the scientist is unknown. Someone says something about death, and someone about suicide. Friends and family yet did not comment.

Rynska wrote that a long time Malashenko occupied by only one divorce process with ex-wife Pivovarova. In Facebook Bozena writes that in this process he had spent almost all his savings.

14 February in the Network was posted a post about that in 2017 Pivovarova told his mother that will not give divorce Malashenko. However, she said that will bring him “to death”. The former wife of the scientist hoped to get in a divorce, almost all the property of the former spouse.

Himself divorce took place and still takes place on the territory of the United States. Rynska no doubt that ex-wife could poison Malashenko.
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