American was the victim of experiments on the alien ship and the ominous “man in black”

The woman is not the first time subjected to kidnapping for strange experiments.

A resident of Oklahoma city, USA, Melanie Tompkins stated that he had repeatedly been the victim of alien abduction, because of what she had to endure a lot of suffering. American added that it was used for experiments. About it reports the edition “Russian Dialogue“, reports the “League news Russia”.

According to Tompkins, during the extraterrestrial experiences she was able to hear about the nuclear standoff between States and the Apocalypse.

Five countries of Europe witnessed the beginning of doomsday – Nibiru is approaching the Earth.

The last visit of American women, she says, was marked by an unexpected rendezvous with the man in black. Citizen of the United States drew attention to the fact that the mysterious agent appeared with a strange portal, and then followed the activities of aggressive humanoids. Most in the gray creatures of a man in black vestments interested in DNA samples from women.

In addition, conspiracy theorists have offered the world a new version of the destruction of the Earth by the planet Nibiru. The experts rejected the last assertion of the collision and a deadly attack. Now they said that aliens will save the planet to enslave people.
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