Venezuela is actively tightens the border with Brazil s-300 for enemy aircraft – map

This decision the country took after the announcement of current President Maduro.

Venezuela immediately after the announcement of the closure of the borders with Brazil deployed air defense system. Now the battery of anti-aircraft missile system s-300VM Republic located in the vicinity of the airport Santa Elena de Uairén. About it reports “Russian Dialogue“, reports the “League news Russia”.

This step was taken after it became known that the Venezuelan government led by Nicolas Maduro decided to close the border with Brazil due to the fact that the opposition is planning to pick up a shipment of humanitarian aid from neighboring countries.

Maduro announced the largest military exercises in Venezuelan history

To the Brazilian border moved additional units of the Venezuelan military. Media reported about the first clashes between protesters and security forces.

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guido, declared himself interim President, signed the document about the opening of borders and the admission on the territory of the Republic of humanitarian assistance.

The foreign Minister also noted that Bogota is only responsible for the delivery of humanitarian aid to the border.

In addition, the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Latin American Republic, Jorge Arreaza, stated that Venezuela would try to proportionately respond to any external aggression, after all, now the country is ready to defend “every inch of its territory”.
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